Body Protection

We use the internationally-admired Diamondbrite technology to give you these stunning benefits:

Unleash the classiest, glossiest shine: Reveal your true colors as your car shines like new.

Preserve your prestige: Keep your car’s value flying high.

Preserve timeless beauty: You car stays polished for 3 years, guaranteed!

Become untouchable: Your car becomes immune to the sun, acid, birds and more.

Cruise with the world’s elite: This service is trusted by the best car brands and experts worldwide.

Did you know that we use the same revolutionary technology used by the world?s top airlines to protect paint on airplanes? Fly high above other drivers with our Diamondbrite services!

Independent testing has proved that our technology is superior to rival products. We keep your paintwork looking like new, and our glossy finish makes it easier to wash dirt off your car.

Our Diamondbrite film works in two stages: first it cleans deep in your paintwork. Then it forms a hard, shiny skin that protects your car body from damage.

Body Protection